Why Your Presentation Sucks
(And what to do about it)

It's the call from hell: Your boss is on the line and asks you to make a presentation at a large business meeting. Here's your chance to shine and boost your career. But all you can think about is "crash and burn."

Now You Can Kill Fear, Look Confident, and Do a Knockout Presentation, Even if You Have Zero Experience!

"It's a life saver! This program is simply amazing!" - Joe D.

"Presentation went great! The crowd loved it." - Adam S.

What if you could...

  • Deliver an engaging presentation
  • Appear confident, even when you don't feel it
  • Remember every point of your speech like magic
  • Communicate authentically and build trust
  • Keep your audience interested
  • Design slides which enhance your talk
  • Make a positive impact
  • Influence your audience and get them to take action
  • Impress upper management
  • Accelerate your career
These Step by Step Plans Make Any Presentation Super Easy

From the desk of: Dave Mac

Presentation and Public Speaking Coach

Dear Friend,

It's Dave Mac here. The presentations guy.

You're about to make a HUGE mistake! There's not a second to waste.

So, let's begin...

If you want to improve your presentation skills (and I'll assume you DO), the solution is in this letter:

If you want to be more confident.

If you want to give stage fright the flick.

If you want to deliver a persuasive presentation, this may be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here is why:

The Cold Hard Truth About Presentations

My name is Dave Mac and, some time ago, I was afraid.

Afraid of any situation where I needed to speak in front of others.

One person, two people, 10, 20... It didn't matter.

Wherever, whenever, I was frozen by anxiety and fear. Afraid of being judged.

This was a huge problem because my job required me to present regularly.

I was scared.

I was unable to sleep.

I Was Desperate

Then one day I had a wild idea about how to take the pressure off when I was doing a speech, and how to "look" more confident.

When I told my friends my idea they laughed at me.

They told me I was crazy, a dreamer. One guy even told me, "You're simply not cut-out for public speaking. Just accept it."

Just accept it? No way! Not this time.

I thought I had a good idea. Besides, if I didn't try this I would forever be stuck in the cycle of fear.

Dramatic Results

The very next presentation, I tried out my idea. Just a little at first...

Guess what? My confidence shot-up faster than my audience used to fall asleep.

...And I used this experience to try more of my ideas, again and again.

The bottom line? That one simple idea changed my life...

"They Sneered As I Walked On Stage, But Their Laughter Turned To Amazement As I Started To Talk..."

Think about it: with my wild idea, the fear and the pressure were gone. The audience listened to my talk... they enjoyed it.

I Discovered a Secret Trick That Gave Me Massive Confidence and Suddenly I Was Being Taken Seriously

They enjoyed my presentation so much they waited afterwards to shake my hand. One person told me it was like watching a TED Talk.

And what was my talk about?

Actually, it doesn't matter. The magic was not the topic but my wild idea.

Do you have a presentation to deliver? If so, you can use my wild idea to speak confidently... Anxiety and stress-free.

Who Needs This Secret?
  • Are you a manager or regular employee who gets called on to present at meetings?
  • Did you draw the short straw to speak at this week's meeting?
  • Are you about to sit a promotion test with a presentation component?
  • Were you selected to lead a training workshop for your company?
  • Did your boss just ask you to deliver a presentation about your project?
  • Did you just discover you have to speak at your social club or social event?
  • Do you have to present to your colleagues and persuade them to do something?
  • Does your career success hinge on being able to talk confidently in front of others?
  • Are you tired of feeling anxious, stressed, and wigged-out because your work wants you to do a presentation?
  • Do you have a job interview coming up?
  • Do you lie awake at night worrying about what you are going to say, or how you will be judged, in tomorrow's presentation?
  • Do you need to close more deals and exceed your sales targets?
  • Do you just want to be a better presenter?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions you need to try my wild idea.

You can get my secret in my new video training program called: Presentation X Factor.

I want to tell you all about it, but first...

The Worst Thing You Can Do... 

Have you tried these "guru" tactics in your presentations?

I followed the "gurus".

I attended their seminars.

I used their techniques.

Nothing worked.

I still couldn't shake the fear. I still wasn't confident. The audience still wasn't listening. My slide deck still looked like a dog's breakfast.

Here are 6 of the presentation mistakes the "guru-experts" recommend:

  • "Write out your speech word-for-word. Memorize it by rehearsing over and over."
  • "Write out your points on a stack of cue cards and refer to them on stage."
  • "Look above everyone's head to the back of the room. The audience will think you are making eye contact with them."
  • "Just create your PowerPoint slides first and use them to prompt you on stage."
  • "Rehearse your gestures and body language as you practice your script."
  • "Relax. Just imagine everyone sitting there naked."

These "techniques" are just plain wrong...

Worse still, they will make you look like an amateur and smash your confidence.

The Presentation That Devastated Me

Check this out:

Many years ago I thought I wanted to be a manager.

I had a great job, but I wanted to climb the corporate ladder.

Not a lot, just a little... Just wanted to take the next step.

It seemed like my time too.

My team wasn't functioning efficiently and I saw an opportunity. I had a plan to make things better.

I set about putting a proposal together to improve the team. I worked like crazy on my plan. I skipped meals and did long hours. I came to the office on weekends.

I was tired, burnt-out, exhausted.

After weeks of grind I had a complete proposal. A plan to improve efficiency. A manifesto to fix broken communication. A blueprint to build a stronger team.

Time to present my proposal.

It Was a Nightmare

I stammered and stuttered through my presentation.

Managers checked their watches, others napped.

Nobody paid attention.

At the end, I received a couple of pity questions.

Finally, it was all over.

VERY over... No-one spoke about my presentation again. My weeks of hard work - for nothing.

Fast-forward a few months.

My proposal long forgotten, the team still operating inefficiently.

Time for another team member to take a crack at fixing the group's problems.

"Joe" was a charismatic guy, so I settled in for an enjoyable presentation.

My smile turned to a frown. My blood began to boil as I realized what was happening...

"Joe" Was Stealing My Idea

...Sure, he'd tweaked around the edges, but the core proposal was mine.

Weeks of work.

Hours of late-night and early-morning graft.

Friend- and family-time I had given up...

All for Charisma "Joe".

The worst of it was, they were paying attention.

Lapping it up. Engaged. Taking notes. Loving it. Thinking about the possibilities.

I Couldn't Breathe...

No-one realized what he was doing because no-one had listened to my speech.

Guess who got the credit?

Guess who got the promotion?

Guess who got the glory?

Guess who I had to congratulate?

Guess who became my boss?

That's right... Charisma "Joe".

And it's easy to see why:

Just think about it...

Even the best products don't sell without awesome marketing.

You come up with an incredible invention, but if you can't promote it... Well... it's just an idea.

"Joe" had successfully promoted my invention and kept the glory to himself.

I felt betrayed, double-crossed, angry. I was motivated to change.

I know you are too...

Presentation X Factor
  • Imagine: no more panic, no more stress, no more fear
  • Imagine you stand on stage: you speak confidently, you own the room
  • Imagine you remember everything you need to say, effortlessly
  • Imagine the audience smiling back at you, supporting everything you say
  • Imagine your colleagues congratulating you afterwards on a job well done
  • Imagine your boss gives you that promotion
Here's Just a Sample of What You'll Discover Inside My Presentation X Factor Video Training Program:
  • 3 Simple tricks to wipe out stage-fright and make your speech confident, cool, calm, and collected
  • The crucial thing you must do when you open your presentation that 99 out of 100 speakers miss (this will instantly separate you from the amateurs)
  • A little trick to remember every point of your speech like magic
  • The easiest and most comfortable way to break the ice, remove stress, and get your audience eating out of your hand (this can be the toughest step... but not when you do this)
  • Breakthrough tactic that gets instant trust from your listeners, makes you look more confident, and eliminates "shaky-voice" (hint: you don't even need to practice)
  • What to do when you feel nervous to quickly relax and increase your comfort talking to the audience
  • Why some speakers do amazing presentations with almost zero preparation, and how you can do it too
  • How to keep your audience hanging on every word, even when you have a boring topic
  • The underground tactic regular people can use to put their brain in high-gear on stage, remember everything, and speak smoothly
  • A secret, back-door way to improve your confidence and be cool if you make a mistake
  • The bullet-proof outline method to know exactly what you need to say in your next presentation
Here's a Sneak Peek at What's Inside the 5 Module Presentation X Factor Video Training Program
Module 1: Build
3 Videos, 3 Practice Sheets

Discover the most under-rated and explosively effective way to build your presentation (hint: nothing to do with PowerPoint)

Module 2: Confidence
2 Videos, 2 Practice Sheets

How to finally kick stage-fright and open your presentation confidently

Module 3: Impact
4 Videos, 4 Practice Sheets

The step-by-step copy-and-paste techniques to remember what to say and have the audience eating out of your hand

Module 4: Design
2 Videos, 2 Practice Sheets

The single most fool-proof tactic that puts PowerPoint and Keynote to work for you, adding explosive punch to your presentation

Module 5: Close
2 Videos, 2 Practice Sheets

The killer technique to close your presentation and handle questions which builds trust with the audience

Here's More of What You'll Find Inside the Presentation X Factor Video Program
  • A tiny little cheat that will turn even the ugliest PowerPoint slides into impactful masterpieces
  • The REAL reason your slide deck sucks and how to use this secret to power an awesome presentation your colleagues will rave about
  • Why the so-called "experts" are dead wrong about how you should talk to the audience - Here's how to relax and instantly create a powerful connection with the audience (doing the exact opposite of what the "gurus" tell you)
  • The 3 things that trigger instant interest and turn on even the most apathetic audiences (hint: PowerPoint slides are not on the list)
  • The right way to respond when someone asks you a challenging question (Do this wrong and your entire presentation is dust)
  • The deadly mistake too many newbies make with body language that all but guarantees you'll be labelled an amateur (if you only check out one thing in Presentation X Factor it should be this)
  • How to finally kick those inner demons and be cool, confident, and calm when you speak in front of others
  • The secret reason TED speakers deliver their talks smoothly, and how you can do it too
Here's What Others Are Saying...

"I'm on the verge on getting a job after 10 whole years!"

"Dave, you are the best, my brother.

"You confidently took me into an interview and now I'm on the verge of getting a job after 10 whole years... Just by the principles you shared."

   Don, South Africa

"This program is simply amazing!"

"For someone who has always been a very anxious and troubled public speaker, Presentation X Factor was a life saver.

"Dave breaks down every aspect of presenting, from the preparation/brainstorming process to the 'dreaded' Q and A.

"I have always had a very difficult time remembering what to say in my presentation and tended to rely on a script. This made me sound stilted and would add even MORE anxiety because I would try and remember every word. While it is important to memorize your first few opening sentences/remarks, Dave teaches you an amazing method on how to remember the rest of your content and deliver it conversationally.

"His tips on preparation and slide design are also extremely helpful, which in turn will make you a much more confident and collected speaker.

"Thank you Dave for your wisdom and advice. If it were up to me, I would require EVERYONE to study this program in detail.

"Whether you are a business professional or simply a person looking to improve their speaking skills, Presentation X Factor is for you. This program is simply amazing!"

   Joe D, Salesrep, USA

"Now I'm excited about my presentations!"

"Aloha Dave – I’ve completed your Presentation X Factor course. Now I’m excited to start creating my presentations!

"Before I was feeling a bit overwhelmed cause I didn’t know how to go about it. I feel your program offers a great framework to develop an impactful outcome.

"Your course was easy to absorb using micro-lessons, and the worksheets will help me as I go through creating my workshops.


"Thank you for making the process of creating powerful presentations less intimidating."

   Jamie, Hawaii, USA

"Outstanding results!"

"Dave is an exceptional coach who is able to transform the worst public speaker into the best.

"His coaching techniques are one of a kind. They are very easy to implement with outstanding results."

   N Aretas, Cameroon

Warning: Here's Why Presentation X Factor Might Not Be For You

If you want to spend countless hours stressing over your next delivery, rehearsing and perfecting, then Presentation X Factor is not for you.

If you want to do presentations with uncomfortable pauses, unnatural body language, and awkward scripts. Then, Presentation X Factor is not for you.

A "guru" program, which has you writing out your script long-hand and practicing over and over may be more up your alley.

On the Other Hand...
  • If you want to stop hours of stress, anxiety, and preparation in the lead up to your presentation...
  • If you want to speak naturally and credibly to the audience...
  • If you want to be cool, calm, and confident on stage at all times...
  • If you want to engage your listeners and build trust...
  • If you want your audience to believe you and take the action you ask them to...
  • If you want all of these things, then Presentation X Factor is for you.
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What could that do for your resume and your career?

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Thanks for reading,

Dave Mac

Right Now You're Standing At a Crossroads...

There are two possible futures for you... and they both unfold from what you do in the next 3 minutes.

One path leads to the same life you've always had:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleep loss
  • Judgment by others
  • Loss of respect
  • Fumbling around on stage
  • Forgetting what to say
  • Red-faced embarrassment 
  • Badly answered questions
- OR -

You can choose the other path - a life where stage-fright, panic, worry, and fear no longer exist:

  • You will always be confident
  • You will always be in control
  • You will always know what to say

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